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creativityanime54 Apr 26, 2007

Name: Hotaru Yuki Takeo (firefly-snow-warrior)
Age: 9 years-old
Birthday: December 22
Peronality: Hotaru is a nice sweet random generous thoughtful shy girl
More About: Hotaru comes from a strong clan called the takeo clan. She is originaly from the snow village, but her parents dicided to move to kohona for a unknown reason to her. She is a chunin along with itachi who is 10-years old, and is on the same team as him. She is good friends with him. Also unknown to hotaru she has a demon of some sort in side her. Hotaru is very creative with art so she is very talented at drawing and painting. For a girl her age she is a very talented ninja with great skills, but instead of using her brain and ninja skills she peffers being lazy.When hotaru was born she had a symbol on her forhead that looks like this
but purple
this is what she looks like

Name: Amaya Yuri Takeo(Night rain-lily-warrior)
Age: 21 Years-old
Birthday: April 10
Personality: Amaya is sweet loving kind thoughtful women
More About: Amaya is from the takeo clan and was born in the
snow village, but she dicided to move to kohona for many reasons.
She is hotaru's mother and is a ANBU in kohona and is very skillful with ninjustu. She also knows about hotaru's demon, and feels like its her own fault she's got it. She also owns a art and weapon shop in kohona that hotaru helps with.She is great at cooking and art, and she likes teaching hotaru about art. She loves drawing pictures that includ hotaru.
this is how she looks like

Name: Daisuke Yuki Takeo(great helping-snow-warrior)
Age: 22 years-old
Birthday: June 9
Personality: Daisuke is generous humorous self-confident intelligent and can act pervey
More About: Daisuke is from the Takeo clan and was born in the
snow village, but along with his wife he dicided to move to kohona.
His reason are very reasonable to his wife. Daisuke is hotaru's father and is a ANBU in kohona with his wife. He also knows about hotaru's demon and also blames himself that she's got it. Daisuke is works at a millitary force in kohona along with fugaku, and they are good friends. He also loves teaching hotaru new justu's to improve her power, and teaching her about music.
this is how he looks

History: The takeo clan is very very powerful more powerful then the uchiha clan. The takeo was foremed in the snow village. They also have a strong blood line called the heartagra which has three stages > this is the first stage

this is the second stage

this is the final stage
Each form has a spicial ability

The first stage is like the byakugan, but it can read people's mind

The second stage is like the sharingan, but it can control peoples body

And the final one is like the first two, but this one allows the user
to look into someones past or future dead or alive.
Also when people from the takeo clan cry there tears turn into
gems and each person has a diffrent color
Hotaru: purple
Amaya: Blue
Daisuke: Black

Each girl from Amaya's side of the family is curesd with a demon
it goes in a pattern. I'll tell you more about it along the story

Why cant you accept it?

creativityanime54 Apr 20, 2007

I want to hold you in my arms
Even if it's not for long
I know you dont love me, but give me one shot
To show you all the feelings I have in this heart
Wont you just look at me to see the truth
The truth of the way I feel toward you
Thats it just ignore me
Look away as if I'm something in your way
What are those tears upon your face
Are they words being spoken in your own way
Trying to explain your thought about me
Please stop crying
Seeing those tears make me feel like dying
Please look into my eyes to see this isn't a lie
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I'd take a bullet for you knowing I will die
I'll die for someone who wouldn't do the same   
Why can't you see what I'm saying isn't a game
WAIT!!!................before you walk away
Please let me just say I think about you every single day
I love you why can't accept it
You're everything I wanted a person to be     
.....................................Now that I have you in my arms
Thank you for giving me that one shot
To tell you that your my one and only one
I love I want to spend my life
with you.....................Do you too?    

                                                              I love you do you to?

12 years-old

creativityanime54 Mar 27, 2007
Im 12 years-old
But I don't feel like it though
Im waiting in this dumb old class
Just waiting for the day to pass

Im 12 years-old
But I dont feel like it though
This world has nothing to show
Within the 12 years I have grown

Im 12 years old
But I dont feel like it though
There will come a time when I will know
When I will know how to explain the feelings that I've shown

Im 12 years old
But I dont feel like it though
That's all I have to say
For I must go and deal with this boring day.

By: Guadalupe Rivera

Made Me Feel

creativityanime54 Mar 27, 2007

Made me feel

Since the first time you caught my eye
You seemed like an interesting guy
The way you always stared at me and the sky
Made me feel so alive
The way you held me in your arms that night
     Made me want to spread my wings and fly    
But when I saw those tears come out of your eyes
It made me feel like I wanted to die
Die from the pain that showed in your eyes
But I knew it would be alright
Because of the things your told me that night
But to make it easier to say
I'm starting to love you every single day.

By: Guadalupe S. Rivera


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About Me:

I'm out-going easy to talk to, people say I'm a great friend and im hispanic and proud of it ^-^ I LOVE anime,
I love itachi uchiha, I'm really 12 years-old(at least im being truthful) and if you gots a problom with that good for you ^-^ I like yaoi escially naruto couple I like sasnar pictures. Um what else to say I dont know uh Im 5"3 oh I LOVE drawing music and danceing writing singing jumping on my tranpolin and talking to my best friends. Oh did I already mencin I LOVE ITACHI UCHIHA . =3
I have 4 brothers and im the only girl in the family besides my mom, sister-in-law, and my two dogs princess and daisy! oh and to top it off im the middle child TOO!!
can you believe that! But it's not that bad i mean im the only little girl in the family and it's kind of sweet!!!!!! oh but wait I DO have a sister her name is evalynn. We werent sisters by birth, but we knew fromthe start fate brought us together to be sisters by heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah uh I dont know what else to say ^.^' gomen


drawing painting writing music dancing itachi anime singing

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i listen to a little of everything or i listen to music that fit my mood., but right now my favorite bands are my chemical romance hinder him and amber pacific

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I LOVE charlie and the chocolate factory queen of the damn All of the naruto moves 13 ghost silent hill I love watching anime moves too

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I dont really watch TV but if I do i like watching discovery channel- HBO-cartoonetwork- or mostly what ever I like is on.

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I read what ever looks interesting or manga